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Tina Garcia Builds More Valuable Relationships


Intero Real Estate Service


November 2017

Tina Garcia isn’t embarrassed to admit that she is one of those agents that has learned about a contact listing with another agent after the fact.  “Yeah, that’s happened to me.’’

When she heard about, she was immediately intrigued. The idea that she could score her database to know who is most likely to list in the next six- to nine months seemed like a no-brainer.

“I had a sense of comfort from your team members to say ‘Okay Tina, trust us, you do real estate, and we do analytics, and we've got all this under control,'' says Garcia who works for Intero real estate, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, in Brentwood, California.

“Whether it is postcards or mail drops or whatever that looks like, I know who to concentrate on right now. It also puts flags people that I sometimes see. So if I'm at school and I run into someone, I can start a conversation, ask what they are doing on Tuesday and say, ‘by the way, I saw a house just the other day that you might like.'''

Notice what isn’t in her conversation? She didn’t mention anything about offering to sell the person’s house. First’s analytics are designed to give agents a sense of who might sell, but First believes the best way to use that information is to build stronger relationships.  

To prove out that concept, and give busy agents help using First’s analytics, the company offers an Appointments by First Assistant.

Garcia knew immediately she needed that service as well.  

Getting face-to-face with customers

The goal of Appointments/First Assistant is to get agents in front of potential customers in a casual, relationship building way. While First’s appointment setters know the customers are theoretically more likely to list soon, there is no selling going on, and the agent selects the clients for a call. If the person isn’t able to make a coffee, or lunch date, the appointment setters often discover other valuable information or assist in some other way.

Before Garcia’s appointment setter got started, her database of 1,000 people was cleaned and analyzed. First can append property addresses and highlight contacts without email or phone numbers. Business contacts, other agents and lenders are flagged so as not to be included in the scoring.

The names that rise to the top from First’s analytics often include people Garcia has some extra information about.  “So I give my setter little tidbits about the people in my sphere. She adds that to the call and then once I get to meet them we have a conversation.’’

The value of staying in touch

Staying in touch with people yields business in many ways. Sometimes the in-person meetings lead to information on someone else looking for an agent.  Or Garcia will share info about sales in the person’s neighborhood. “When it comes to real estate it’s definitely about being able to see what their wants and needs are and then being able to match those with my experience and knowledge. ‘’

She’s also had her appointment setter work on some farming projects. If she’s got customers looking for a specific type of house or neighborhood, she and the setter comb her database for contacts that meet the criteria.  By working with people that she has some relationship with, “it’s better than cold calling.’’

"She’s a continuum of me.''

To choose the people for the setter to call, Garcia uses the First app. It queues up contacts with top scores, and Garcia can swipe to add to the appointment setter's queue, or swipe the other way to pass on them for now. “You can do that at stoplights, while you are waiting to pick up the kids in carpool, during commercials. Any dead time,’’ Garcia says.

She’s already let the setter know the best times for appointments, her favorite places to meet and shared her calendar.

Garcia is pleased with the service because it gives her extra help without the hassle of hiring a full- or even part-time staff member.  “When my appointment setter was booking appointments I would hear from my sphere asking if I had an assistant,'' Garcia says. "And I said, ‘yes, of course.'' Garcia has never met her setter in person but "we talk on the phone, and she just picks up where my relationship with my sphere has left off.''

“I had a sense of comfort from your team members to say ‘Okay Tina, trust us, you do real estate, and we do analytics, and we've got all this under control.''

Finally, a solution to manage your network

First helps you prioritize conversations to strengthen your relationships and grow your business.

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