You know Jessica
loves Korean food

We know she's
thinking of selling

Win more listings with cutting edge data science.

You know Greg
coaches little league

We know he's
thinking of selling

Win more listings with cutting edge data science.

You know Amy
from spin class

We know she's
thinking of selling

Win more listings with cutting edge data science.

Software for people people

You know listings come from relationships. First makes it easy for you to reach sellers in your network months before they list – or hear from your competition.
Easily organize all your contacts from different sources in one central spot.
Sort and group contacts based on data points like price point, location, and most importantly, Seller Score.
Make the most of your outreach time by talking to people who are most likely to sell.

You have deals hiding in your database

We can see them.
Great agents develop acquaintances, chat with the neighbors, and never miss an opportunity to expand their network.

Unfortunately, as your network expands, your time for follow-up stays constant.

We help real estate professionals get more transactions from the relationships they’ve built and avoid the pain of missing opportunities in their personal sphere. How we do that is both magical and simple.

We help you talk to people who are thinking about listing.

You bring the relationships
We bring the science

First’s machine learning models predict who will sell by tracking 700+ signals across 214 million people nation-wide. We’ve distilled this amazingly complex science into a simple, easy-to-use app.

Your relationships

Getting started is easy. In 15 minutes or less you can import all of your contacts. First removes duplicates, marks renters and realtors, and adds property data to your contacts.

Our science

Moving is a complex decision. Our system tracks the truly important data at scale—including demographics, income changes, purchasing behavior, mortgage info, and life events.

More listings

Light up your database with predictive intel. Now you can focus your efforts on most likely sellers, and reach them 6-9 months before they list.

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Jim Duquette

Patty Turner Group /  Keller Williams
Managing Partner
We have already won 3 listings by calling through the list of most likely movers. They were all past clients that we hadn't talked to personally in a while and First triggered us to reach out.

Lisa Norton

Keller Williams
Broker / Realtor has really helped me focus my efforts and reach out to people who are ready to hear from me. Last Wednesday I connected with an old friend I had fallen out of touch with, and a lady I worked with last year who didn’t end up selling. They were both ranked as Highly Likely to move and confirmed that they are in fact looking to sell in the coming months.

Brandon Doyle

Doyle Real Estate Team / Remax
Marketing Leader / Realtor
I've been impressed by First's predictions. The software is very easy to set up and get going. It's almost creepy how accurate the Likely to Move prospects are. One person I called literally said, "It's so odd that you called, how did you know I was thinking about moving?"

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