Unlock the value in your personal network

Real estate agents miss 60% or more of the listings in their personal network. First makes it easy to connect with the sellers you know months before they list – or hear from another agent.

Pam Evans
“It’s the game-changer that I’ve been looking for.”
Pam E.
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Identify and follow up with likely sellers in your network

You have deals hiding in your database.
First helps you win them.

How we do that is both magical and simple.

First's A.I. powered Seller Stars put you ten steps ahead of your competition. Our mobile app keeps you up to date and gets you in flow with the people in your network who need to hear from you right now.

Win more with a workflow that's less work

Spend less time hunting for business, and more time building it

With First you can easily start conversations with likely sellers months before your competitors. First’s Seller Star ratings efficiently focus your time and energy on the people who are most valuable right now.

"I haven’t found a better solution to get ahead of listings and help me focus my effort.”
Brandon Doyle
Team Lead

Put your database on autopilot

Keeping your database clean, organized, and up to date is tedious and nearly impossible.

That's why we de-duplicate your contacts, flag realtors, and find hundreds of new property addresses for your contact lists.

"First did a great job of going through and data scrubbing and then sending it back to me with updated addresses. That was excellent.”
Thomas Downing

Don't let your next opportunity slip away

Everyone wants to stay in touch. But, as your network grows it gets harder and harder to remember who you should be following up with.

First gets you in flow with your most important contacts at the most valuable time.

"It’s like having a pocket personal assistant for your pipeline that works 24/7 365.”
Peter Lorimer

Get a new perspective on your network

Make informed decisions about growing your business with insights on how many deals you’re winning and losing in you personal network.

"Most of the technology that exists today is about displacing the agent, but First's technology is about starting a real conversation with existing relationships since we know that is what actually feeds business growth.”
Bonneau Ansley III

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Adrian Brown Won 5 Listings from 18 Coffee Meetings

Without First it would have typically taken 83 meetings to produce the same result.
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"...one of the best products I've seen that focuses marketing solely on who you know."

"...First.io analyzes hundreds of data points to provide insights to real estate agents."