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Adrian Brown Won 5 Listings from 18 Coffee Meetings


Inhabit Real Estate


May 2016

From buyer's agent to brokerage founder in less than 2 years.

In January of 2017, less than two years after committing to real estate full time, Adrian launched Inhabit Real Estate, a boutique brokerage firm based in Durham, NC.

Adrian supercharged his business and took his career to the next level by investing in his core asset: his relationships. Working with First, Adrian quickly found a sustainable path to winning more and more listings from his network.

First has developed a system that empowers me to effectively leverage my network, which has resulted in more listings quarter over quarter.

Finding the right tool to power listing growth.

When Adrian committed to real estate full time he knew he was bringing with him a large network of people who knew, respected, and (most importantly) liked him.

But it took him time to figure out how to leverage his network into a powerful tool for business growth. Where should he start? He didn't have time to call everyone in his network individually, but he didn't want to rely on a 'spray and pray' approach either.

Eventually Adrian began winning business from his network, but most of his early business came from buyers. While grateful for the opportunity to get started, Adrian knew he needed to win more listings to achieve the business and lifestyle he wanted.

It's no secret that getting in front of your network in an authentic and natural way helps people remember why they know, like and trust you. If maximizing the potential of your network is core to your business development plan, then First is an essential partner.

So, Adrian started looking for tools and strategies focused on driving more listings. Turns out, there aren’t many. He connected with  First shortly after the company was started and signed up to find out who in his network was most likely to list .

But just a few weeks after starting with First, a more senior agent recommended that instead of focusing on 1:1 personal outreach, he should invest in Facebook advertising and stay top of mind with a bigger group of people. Adrian took his advice. He stopped using his First account and started investing in Facebook advertising.

That didn't last long.

How many cups of coffee does it take to win a listing?

After months of investing in Facebook ads, and little to no ROI, Adrian decided to recommit to First.

He knew that winning listings was about establishing trust, and that is something no ad can do. He needed to find a way to build better relationships with the right people in his network.

When Adrian returned to First he came with a  simple plan: set up coffee appointments with people in his network who were highly likely to sell.

He partnered with a First Success Manager to build a focused list of likely sellers, people who were 2x-4x more likely to sell than the average homeowner.

6 months after starting with First, and 18 coffee appointments later, Adrian had won 5 listings from people in his network he would have otherwise missed.

Your network is so valuable. And it's only valuable for so long. The emphasis that First places on winning listings from your network just made sense for my business.

Adrian's meteoric success is powered by relationships.

When Adrian connects with someone who is likely to sell, he doesn’t try to pitch his services, or even talk about himself at all. He asks how he can help them, how he can be of service. He looks for opportunities to provide value, instead of begging for business.

It always comes back to the relationship. You can't decide that a relationship is important only if someone says they're ready to list in a couple weeks. You have to invest in the relationship regardless of where the conversation goes.

Adrian was always great at building relationships. However before partnering with First, he had no way of making sure he didn't miss people in his network who were getting ready to sell. You can’t be all things to all people at all times. But with First, you can deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Finally, a solution to manage your network

First helps you prioritize conversations to strengthen your relationships and grow your business.

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