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At First, we believe relationships matter, and our brokerage partnerships reflect that.

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Our recent rollout with First yielded significant results: the First data accurately predicted over 1,800 homes that listed, and facilitated over 500 conversations that would not have happened without them. This is great business.

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Thad Wong

“What drew me to First as a technology partner is the effectiveness that they have to actually make our agents more productive.”

Bonneau Ansley
Ansley ATL
Why partner with First?
Your agents win more listings

Invest in growing your agents’ bottom line. Seller Scores focus agents on the potential in their existing networks, and Listing Alerts reveal where they are leaving money on the table.

We handle the details

From co-branded marketing to personalized 1:1 demos, we provide all the support necessary to make the rollout and program successful.

You get to be the hero

Show your commitment to provide your agents with cutting edge technology that helps them stay ahead of the competition.

How does it work?
Leadership Alignment

Once the contract is signed, we’ll schedule a call with your leadership team to introduce the platform and arrange details for the kickoff event. This call will be hosted by your Account Manager, who will take time to answer any questions about our product or our partnership. Every brokerage is different, so the purpose of this call is to cater our strategy to your unique business. We encourage any key team members to join for this call, including brokerage owners, office managers, technology officers, marketing managers, and recruiters. After this call, your Account Manager will follow up with a clear list of next steps and an outline of what to expect before, during, and after the kickoff event.

Kickoff Event

Leading up the kickoff event, we’ll supply marketing materials to help your team promote the event internally and encourage agent attendance, including graphics and copy for you to share via email, and postcards and posters to put up in the office. On the day of the kickoff, we will share a 30-minute company overview and product demonstration, followed by a Q&A that usually lasts about 15-20 minutes. When possible, we will spend a few hours in the office after the presentation to meet with agents or members of the leadership team. If your brokerage has more than one office, we will discuss the best approach based on our availability and your preferences.

Outreach & Incentivization

After the kickoff event, our team of product experts will follow up with your agents personally, following a respectful outreach plan designed to educate and inform, as well as incentivize early adoption. Agents who sign up within two weeks of the kickoff event will receive an additional 10% off the already reduced brokerage partnership offering and lock in their price for life. During these two weeks, your agents will receive a maximum of 5 emails, 5 text messages, and 4 phone calls to ensure they have the opportunity to take advantage of this special offer. Our product experts are well versed in the application of our technology and can offer personalized, consultative advice to agents about whether First is a fit for their business.

“First is the start of what I believe will herald a whole new approach and a renaissance in customer intelligence that could revolutionize how we do "CRM" today. ”

Mark Choey
Partner, CTO
Climb SF