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The Best Thing You Did For Your Business in 2018

Molly McKinley
December 12, 2018

We asked some of the industry’s most successful agents, brokers and influencers to share what worked best for their business in 2018. Here’s a roundup of their success.


1. Barbara Betts | Broker | CEO | REALTOR®

The Betts Realty Group, Inc.

I’ve always worked a relational based business.  In 2018 I had a much more intentional focus on using Social Marketing to drive our relational based business.  I communicated in new ways, using all channels to connect with my clients.  Mostly Instastories!  I learned using short micro content to document my day, share the behind the scenes of Real Estate, and highlight things in my personal life led to creating new connections and communications with my database, that lead to multiple referrals.  I had to get out of my own way, realize it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, clients don’t like scripted and the want to see the real, raw you!


2. Katie Lance | CEO/Founder

Katie Lance Consulting

I said "no" more which led me to say "yes" to more things. This was inspired by reading Shonda Rimes book, "The Year of Yes." When we get laser focused on what type of business we want to run, who we want to work with and who we want to serve it all of a sudden becomes very easy to politely say "no" because instead of feeling like we are letting someone down (especially those of us who are people pleasers) - we know that it's the right thing to do for our business and probably them too!


3. Kendyl Young | Owner/Broker


I picked up the phone and talked to people. SCARIEST DAMN THING, EVAH. You see, I thought I had perfect mind reading capabilities and I KNEW that anyone I called would assume it was a sales call and hate me. No joke, sadly.

In 2018 I instituted a strict "if someone pops into your head pick up the phone and call" policy. And that is exactly what I say. "you just popped into my head and I picked up the phone to say Hi."  It's changing my life.


4. Janine Perry | Realtor


After 20+ years as owner & creative director of a boutique lifestyle marketing agency, I had the guts to start a New Chapter! I followed a long-time passion of mine -- luxury real estate. Applying my years of business experience in lifestyle marketing, branding, customer service, and communication, to a brand new industry and to building new relationships.


5. Joseph W. Rand | Chief Creative Officer

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Rand Realty

Author, Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters (2018)

Contributor, Inman News

The best thing we did in 2018 was completely overhaul our entire approach to the listing presentation to align with a more modernized view of the real estate broker and agent value proposition.  Our old listing presentation focused too much on distributional marketing as a core value — i.e., look at all the places where we syndicate your listing!  But that’s no longer a point of differentiation, not in today’s industry. So we now focus more on targeted marketing, and staging, and transaction management, and the other places where great agents can make a difference.


6. Erinn Nobel | Managing Broker

eXp Realty

The best thing I did (late) in 2018 was to FOCUS. In a world full of distractions, I worked to filter out the noise and streamline my business. 2017 was full of trial error, I had implemented too many programs and didn't trust my gut.


7. Mark Slade | Realtor

Keller Williams Midtown Direct Realty

The best thing I did in 2018 was build up my team and especially to partner up with a seasoned and proven agent to help manage our listings.  Our "batting average" increased from 60% to 85-90% as a result.  The side benefit is that it has also helped to make some of the work more fun and, at the same time, it's great to be able to hand off work load and to best pair up personalities.


8. Nelene Gibbs | Principal Broker/Owner

Gibbs Realty Group & Nelene Gibbs Real Estate

The best thing I did for my business this year was get rid of all of my part time agents.  If they are not full time and committed to be the best they can be, providing the highest level of service they can to their clients, they need to find another career. I found part timers were a big draw on my time while not being totally committed to their clients or to their profession. This industry has too many lukewarm, mediocre unskilled Real Estate Agents that want to dabble or play real estate. This business is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the part time agent.


9. Debra Trappen | Empowerment Consultant, Speaker, Author

Women's Council Entrepreneur of the Year

Top 20 Social Influencer on Swanepoel's SP200 List

                                     Fire Up!


Keeping it fresh is a challenge when you are working from home and your team is virtual. My personal time has traditionally been at the end of the day. This year, I decided to look at my routine and shake it up. Now, I take a couple of hours in the morning as ME TIME. Yoga, listening to a podcast, reading, and writing are woven into each morning.  I also started doing daily devotionals with friends across the globe. It is fun to keep connected through our faith via technology! I am more productive, efficient, and effective… and I am HAPPIER. So many wins from such a simple change.

Fire Up Questions To Inspire Your Journey:

1: How are you mixing up your routine?

2: What areas are getting stagnant and no longer firing you up?

Choose one and add some sass and sizzle tomorrow!


10. Alyssa Hellman | Founder

Compass South

The best thing I did for my business in 2018 was refine my audience. There are people I jive with and others that I don't and that's sometimes a hard realization - especially when building your business. You want to resonate with a larger audience, but when you focus on the people that value what you bring to the table, they become raving fans who want to help you grow however they can. And that is priceless.


11. Wendy Forsythe | Chief operating officer


The best thing I did in 2018 for my business was recommit to my paper notebook to write down meeting notes, to-do lists, thoughts, etc. I had gone back and forth between an old fashioned notebook and using my computer or iPad to write notes on and found I was missing some opportunities by going straight to digital. Plus I did not like being that person tapping on a keyboard in a meeting. There is a different energy you portray when hand writing notes in a meeting or conversation versus typing. All my handwritten notes do get scanned and captured in my Evernote for reference, so I am still a fan of digital but there is something powerful about crossing an item off a to-do list with a pen on a piece of paper and reviewing meeting notes as they go from paper to digital. One of the times I get the greatest sense of achievement is when reviewing my notebook and making plans and executing on ideas.


12. Sean Carpenter | Realtor

Coldwell Banker King Thompson

While I’ve done this for a little longer than just 2018, my daily 4H Club efforts have been critical to keeping my name “top of mind” with my sphere of influence and potential clients in the future. Each day when I come into the office (usually before anyone else arrives), I focus on building my business #OnPurpose.

The first H is I write 5 Handwritten notes.

I then run the Hotsheet for my local market and see what new listings hit the market, what price changes occurred, were there any sales or closings and did any listings expire? If there is a property on the list within a few blocks of anyone I know, I reach out to them via phone, email, or text to alert them of the status change. It’s just a great way for me to remind people I am their “neighborhood expert” and hopefully the next time they or someone they know has a real estate need, they will think of me.

Next up is my Happy Birthday blitz. I jump over to Facebook and send birthday greetings to my friends celebrating that day. For special friends, they get a video text message with me sending personalized greetings for a great day and a fabulous year ahead.

Finally, I leverage social and mobile to do my High Fives; 5 “likes” on Facebook, 5 comments on Facebook, 5 comments or DM’s on Instagram, 5 Retweets or comments on Twitter, and then 5 random, short text messages to someone in my contacts on my phone.

Once I have done my 4H’s for the day, I walk across the parking lot to get my morning coffee from Starbucks.  It’s a great way to ensure I put seed in the ground and water them every day. Can’t reap a harvest if you never sow seeds, right?

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