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Stacie Staub’s Stay-in-Touch Checklist

Molly McKinley
October 24, 2018

Expert Advice: Stacie Staub’s Stay-in-Touch Checklist

One of the most common concerns we hear from agents is how to stay in touch (and be consistent) with past clients. We all know how important it is, but few do it well. One of those people who have figured out a system that works is Stacie Staub, owner of West + Main Homes in Denver, Colorado. She has agreed to share her system with you!

Stacie’s Weekly Stay-In-Touch Checklist

1. Create your contact list

(pro tip, Stacie uses First’s Smart Recommendations to prioritize who to connect with each week)

2. Reach out! Sounds simple, but most agents don’t do it. A quick call or text to check-in makes all the difference. Not sure what to say? Remember F.O.R.D (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) for conversation sparks.

Relationship marketing is at the core of West + Main's coaching and accountability programs - and is like F.O.R.D. prospecting on overdrive.

3. Follow up with a handwritten card. It’s fun to get mail, especially when most have gone solely digital. This is a great chance to differentiate with beautifully branded stationary to create a memorable moment.

4. Schedule a coffee, lunch meeting or send an invitation to one of your community events.

5. Schedule 4 pop-by gifts in your calendar for the next year. Or, set reminders in your First app so you won’t forget.

6. Send a CMA packet and share your market knowledge. Remember, homes are often your clients’ most significant investment. It’s a huge opportunity to have a continuous conversation about how conditions are affecting their wealth portfolio.

Need more inspiration? Stacie has created a fun Mid Year Holiday Challenge to get your creative juices flowing about how to stay better connected to your most valuable asset--your network of people. is the missing piece in our client nurturing program. By identifying which connections our agents should be focusing on, they are then able to use our already robust marketing strategies, coaching and tools to effectively manage their databases. Using the app-provided data, they can subscribe their contacts to monthly Homebot digest reports, add them to their mailchimp e-marketing campaigns, schedule regular home search or neighborhood market reports using our Real Estate Webmasters-built website and CRM, and most importantly, reach out personally with invites to coffee, lunch, or upcoming client appreciation events. -Stacie Staub

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