Thursday Tip

What to Do When You Meet Someone New

A tip for turning new contacts into future clients

Isn’t it great when you hit it off with someone new? You’re asking great questions, and giving charming, brilliant answers, then this happens 

- Agent: “It was great to meet you! Let’s get together sometime” 

- New Person: “Absolutely, here is my phone number!”

- Agent: “Great! I’ll give you a call soon.”

...and then you never speak again.

How many great potential relationships are buried in the graveyard of our cellphone databases??

There is a big difference between intending to follow up and actually making it happen. What you do in the days after that initial meeting will set the tone for the rest of your relationship.

Here’s how you can leverage First to make the most of your new relationships:

  • Sync your phone and email so new contacts are added to the app automatically
  • Commit to reviewing your Newly Synced Contacts Recommendation every Sunday
  • Set personalized Next Steps and add Notes to their profile to help you remember important details.

Following up with new people in a prompt, personal way sets you apart from all the “well intentioned” agents out there who never remembered to call.

Your new friend will always think of you as someone who listens, cares, and keeps their word - and odds are they will probably think of you if they need help with real estate too.