Agent Flagging

“Why am I still seeing agents in the app? I thought you filtered those out.”

There are no reliable sources of national real estate agent contact information, so we  utilize a list of email addresses and list of agency domains that we have developed to filter out agents.

We have over 1.6 million realtor contact addresses currently, but contact info changes all the time and is not always up to date. In addition, many agents use their personal or addresses, rather than their brokerage’s email domain, and we can’t detect that they are agents. This is most often the issue.

But we want to help you stay focused on real opportunities. So when you find an agent in the app, simply tap the ‘flag’ icon and select ‘Mark as Agent’, and we’ll hide them from future recommendations. You can also use this feature to hide lenders and other industry professionals that don’t need to be part of your follow-up routine.