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Set Next Steps and always have a plan

Next Steps makes it easy to track progress with prospects. Here’s how it works.

There are two ways to initiate a Next Step:

  1. On a contact detail page -
    Simply tap the “Next Step” button and add your future follow-up details.
  2. From the Next Steps page -
    Tap the Plus button (+)

To Create A Next Step:

  1. What? Add details for your future follow-up. This may be a note from a past conversation or a to-do item for this contact.
  2. Who? Who’s that hot prospect you are tracking?
  3. When? Deadlines drive results, so set a date. (Optional, but highly recommended!)

Keeping on Track:

  1. You can view all upcoming Next Steps on the Next Steps Tab, and on the individual’s contact page.
  2. Check them off as you get them done. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  3. Notifications are sent to you each day that you have a Next Step due, keeping you on track!
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