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Let Appointments fill your calendar with valuable, face-to-face meetings. It's not an ISA. It's better.
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Never be too busy to grow your business

Successful agents know a lot of people and have limited time. Don’t waste your precious 1:1 time with people who aren’t likely to bring you business - listings or referrals. Maximize your ROI with First.
Your own assistant
A real person in an US office, making real calls to people you really want to meet with.
Your contacts
You already know these people. Share a bit of background for that personal touch.
Your meeting style
Set your preferences for morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening drinks. Even name your favorite locations.

Stay in the sweet spot

Who should you put into your Audience for Appointments? It’s not everyone in your database. The ideal contacts already know you, but aren’t intimate members of your inner circle.
Meet Your Assistant

You’ll have a dedicated assistant through Appointments. This assistant will work with you to establish your preferences, from favorite locations to ideal times for meetings.

Assemble Your Audience

Use the First Conversations App to build a list of contacts with the greatest likelihood to sell in the next six to nine months. We suggest about 50 contacts to schedule 4 meetings a month.

Calls Commence

Calls sound something like this: “Hi, this is Melissa. I’m Jane’s assistant. She was hoping to schedule some time to meet up, and wondered if you’d be available for coffee next week?”


Show Up and Work Your Magic

Deepen your relationship, build trust. Make them laugh. Ensure that you are the one they think of when they decide to list in 6 months.

Review, Repeat & Win

How did the meetings go? Let Melissa know, make any adjustments to the process and keep building your audience.

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