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You are likely missing 60% of the listings in your network.

“...Two weeks ago we got one of First’s alerts of listing activity in our data base. TEN count them 10 people had listed, and we didn’t get any of them. I showed that to the team and it lit a fire! In the last week we have scheduled 3 appointments and set all 3 of them and 2 others on mls searches.”

William Huffman

The only platform that helps you keep up with your network.

Get organized

Convenient Mobile App

Whether you’re standing in line for coffee, stuck in the carpool lane, or sitting in a waiting room, the First mobile app helps you be more productive with your downtime by keeping your most valuable contacts at your fingertips.

Contact Cleanup

Don’t worry about formatting, removing duplicates, or otherwise cleaning up your various contact lists. Just sync your contacts and we will hand you back one set of data to operate from - with a lot fewer real estate agents.

Additional Associated Properties and Social Profiles

We leverage third-party data sources to enrich your contacts with additional property information and social profile links so you have a more complete picture of your network in one place.

Focus on what matters

Seller Scores

Our machine learning algorithms analyze over 700 data points on people and their properties and assign a Seller Score that gives you an early heads up on who is most likely to list in the next 12 months.

Smart Recommendations

Get ahead of the curve with smart, data-driven recommendations. Stay on top of new listings, likely sellers, past clients, and find other reasons to reach out to high-potential contacts.

Connect Quickly

The First workflow is about helping you focus and stay in touch with your most important contacts easily. It’s just one click to get connected through call, text, or email, right from the app.

Stay on track

Plan your Next Steps

We know you are busy and that follow up isn’t always easy. Use First to easily set next steps and keep the ball moving forward with your relationships.

Automatic Reminders

We’ll make sure you don’t forget to follow up when the time is right with timely reminders delivered right to your phone.

Concierge Option

First Assistant Services

Add a trained professional to your team, focused exclusively on your network.

  • Schedule your calls and appointments
  • Conduct RSVP follow-up for client events
  • Gather notes and suggested next steps from calls
  • Verify and update contact information

“Where First helps is that there are only so many hours in the day. Sometimes you get out of the habit of doing the thing that made you successful, and the appointment setters help me get back to doing that.”

Lance Kirshner

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“In the past, we’ve always talked about relationships and the need to connect with people. Instead of it being this intimidating or inefficient process, now we are giving you data and information so you can be targeted and focus on the relationships that matter and can help you continue to grow your business.”

Kevin Van Eck
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Seller Scores
Contact Cleanup
Smart Alerts
Property Info Enrichment
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