Make the most out of the relationships you already have.

"It’s like having a pocket personal assistant for your pipeline that works 24/7 365."

Peter Lorimer
PLG Estates
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Stay focused on your most important conversations.

The more people in your network the more difficult it is to stay in touch. Our data-driven recommendations help you prioritize your conversations.

Get your database organized and stay up to date with your people.

Building relationships may be second nature for you, but transforming big data into powerful insights is our expertise.

Extend your reach with a dedicated assistant.

Our Scheduling Assistants help you focus your time and energy on great customer service by scheduling meetings for you with people from your network.

PLG Estates has you covered.

PLG Estates has covered 85% of your annual subscription costs.

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PLG Estate Exclusive: You pay $650/mo $99/mo

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