Make the most out of the relationships you already have.

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“Two weeks ago we got one of First’s Listing Activity Alerts. TEN people across our database had listed, and we didn’t get any of them. I showed that to the team and it lit a fire! In the last week we have scheduled three appointments with likely sellers and set all three of them, and two others, up on MLS searches.”

William Huffman

The only platform designed to help you win more business from your network.

No time wasted on "set up"

Seamless Phone and Email Sync

With the click of a button you can easily add phone and email contacts into First. Any new contacts are added automatically every week, so you don’t have to bother with ongoing data entry.

Spreadsheets Welcome Too

If you have a spreadsheet of past clients, a party invitation list, or even a volunteer group roster, you can add those contacts to First too, along with any tags you have created.

Automatic Contact Cleanup

Save hours of time by letting our team give you a head start on the cleanup process. We do our best to pull out junk contacts, remove real estate agents, and combine duplicates across your imports.

Data driven insights

Proprietary Seller Scores

Our machine learning algorithms analyze over 700 data points on people and their properties to assign a Seller Score that gives you a heads up on who is most likely to list in the next 12 months.

Focused Recommendations

Every month you’ll be notified of whose Seller Scores are on the rise, giving you a chance to reach out before the competition. You’ll get notifications when new contacts are added and have a chance to review their scores too.

Property Augmentation

Even if you only have a name and email address or phone number, we append property addresses for as many contacts as possible, giving you a more complete picture of the potential in your network.

Stay on track

Connect Quickly

The First workflow is all about helping you do more consistent and effective personal outreach. It’s just one click to get connected through call, text, or email, right from the app.

Plan your Next Steps

Once you’ve reached out, set a Next Steps to keep your relationship moving forward. We’ll deliver a Next Step reminder right to your phone so you never forget to follow up when the time is right.

Convenient Mobile App

Whether you’re standing in line for coffee or stuck in the carpool lane, the First mobile app helps you be more productive with your downtime by keeping your most valuable contacts at your fingertips.

Century 21 is investing in you,
so you can invest in your relationships.

Your brokerage has decided to subsidize your subscription to First because they believe, like we do, that relationships matter, and they deserve more than a drip campaign.

“In the past, we’ve always talked about relationships and the need to connect with people. Instead of it being this intimidating or inefficient process, now we are giving you data and information so you can be targeted and focus on the relationships that matter and can help you continue to grow your business.”

Kevin Van Eck
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Simple Mobile Workflow
Seller Scores
Contact Cleanup
Smart Alerts
Property Info Enrichment
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