Make the most out of the relationships you already have.

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First created an organized platform for the people you have a significant relationship with. Focusing on the people you know will yield the highest conversion rate and save you a tremendous amount of time.

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Smart recommendations

Get ahead of the curve with daily, data-driven recommendations. Stay on top of new listings, likely sellers, past clients, job changes, and other reasons to reach out to high-potential clients.

Our artificial intelligence platform, powered by over 700 external data points, delivers a constant stream of up-to-date recommendations and alerts on people you already know. This helps you make that important connection months before the competition.

Workflow with less work

Prioritize your time and get into conversations faster with First's easy workflow. Make it a habit to swipe through high-potential clients so you can make that important connection before someone else does.

Our Scheduling Assistants handle all the back-and-forth scheduling, so you can focus on having business-building conversations. Make sure your clients always receive a personal touch, even when you’re too busy to call yourself.

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Flawless follow through

Relationships are built over time. First makes it easy to be more consistent about staying in touch.

Record a quick note after each conversation, and First sets up a reminder or schedules the next step for you!

Don’t let another opportunity slip through the cracks.

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@Properties exclusive pricing saves you 33% - 45% of your annual subscription costs, depending on the plan you select.

@Properties Exclusive: You pay $149/mo $99/mo.
Limited Time Offer.

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