Spencer Taylor Talks About the Role of Authenticity in Selling Real Estate and Why he isn't Worried About Wearing his Shirt Untucked

Need to succeed in real estate without buying leads? Spencer Taylor suggests you let your real self shine.

Bringing your whole self to work

Spencer Taylor doesn’t recommend a split personality.

The person who attends real estate conferences consults with clients and evangelizes for brand-building tools is the same person who loves to ice climb and is enthusiastic about finding refrigeration solutions that will help solve world hunger.

And anyone who meets him knows about all of his passions – work, fun, and volunteer.

At the core of it, you have to be real, right? So I always work very hard to make sure that, you know, my professional representation of who I am and myself are the same person.

Being transparent is critical to trust and to build relationships. “I just make sure that the interaction, the touch points I do have with people are, as I said, just, like, totally genuine.” He adds, “You can tell when someone’s kind of pretending to be someone they’re not.’’

Spencer most recently worked as the Senior Director of Product & Client Success at Boston Logic, a real estate build software, marketing & design services for real estate companies looking to be the technology leaders in their marketplace.

As technology can only augment relationships, Spencer spoke with First co-founder Mike Schneider about how to make your authentic self shine through in every conversation.

Seek real conversations with people.

Don’t just talk about the housing market. Talk about you, ask about them.

I think being a little bit vulnerable, opening yourself up and actually having a real conversations with people, that's what makes them remember you and that's what actually builds relationships.

Build trust by delivering on promises.

Before they are even your customer or potential referring partner, follow through on any small promise. "And make slightly bigger promises and deliver on those." It starts as simply as following up when you meet someone at a conference.

Long sales cycles demand authenticity.

Taylor did a lot of his business at BostonLogic through conferences. He saw the same people -- but only once or twice a year. It is not unlike agents who need to nurture relationships over many years. “If I haven't seen you in a year, if we were genuine last time, we can be genuine this time.”

Be you.

Spencer isn't a suit guy. He makes no apologies for wearing his shirts untucked. You don't need to adopt a specific signature look or hew to a particular dress code, you just need to do what is comfortable for you. First impressions are often upended when the conversation starts, "when you find areas of commonality.''

But also understand that dressing, acting and talking like someone you aren’t – like someone you think you are supposed to be – can backfire terribly.

If you show up with a buttoned-up suit and, like, a tight tie and like a tie clip, that sends a message. If you take yourself too seriously, then everyone (in the conversation) is going to kind of, try and take themselves seriously.

That can really kill a conversation.

And if you give someone license to be themselves by being yourself, then, you're able to kind of jump, like, five steps.

Mike Schneider
CEO & Co-Founder, First

Spencer Taylor

Spencer was most recently the Senior Director of Product and Client Success at Boston Logic.
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