Even top agents miss 60% of the listings in their network

“...Two weeks ago we got one of First’s alerts of listing activity in our data base. TEN count them 10 people had listed, and we didn’t get any of them. I showed that to the team and it lit a fire! In the last week we have scheduled 3 appointments and set all 3 of them and 2 others on mls searches.”

William Huffman

First helps you win more business from the relationships you already have

Get Organized

Contact cleanup with the addition of property addresses and social profiles in a simple mobile app.

Focus on what matters

Get smart recommendations that help you connect with your best opportunities to win business.

Stay on track

Always have next steps with your contacts. Our reminders will help you meet your goals.

The only platform that helps you stay consistent with your network

We’re the only platform that helps  you keep up with your network

Seller Scores
Additional Property Addresses
Smart Alerts
Set Next Steps

We help top agents across the country win more

"…its data-driven, streamlined software could change the way many agents find listing opportunities."

"...one of the best products I've seen that focuses marketing solely on who you know."

"...First.io analyzes hundreds of data points to provide insights to real estate agents."

Adrian won 5 listings from 18 coffee meetings

Without First it would have typically taken 42 meetings to produce the same result.

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