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You have deals hiding in your database.

First helps you win them.

First's A.I. powered Seller Stars put you ten steps ahead of your competition. Our mobile app keeps you up to date and gets you in flow with the people in your network who need to hear from you right now.

Discover Likely Sellers

"My favorite mobile app is First because it's Artificial Intelligence at its best for the real estate industry.”
Christine Kim

Streamline Your Database

"First did a great job of going through and data scrubbing and then sending it back to me with updated addresses. That was excellent.”
Thomas Downing

Follow Up Effortlessly

"It’s like having a pocket personal assistant for your pipeline that works 24/7 365.”
Peter Lorimer

Track Your Progress

"I truly love this product. First helps me be accountable to what I need to do on a daily basis.”
Sylvia Touchstone