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Kristie Edwards Found the Best System for Managing a Growing Network




August 2019

Kristie Edwards always puts her clients and their desires first. 

"I LOVED how Kristie was available to my husband and I all the time and was always taking care of us,”  writes one of her customers.

But like most busy agents on the go, she doesn’t always have the time to stay on top of everyone in her extensive network. Kristie tried using multiple CRMs, but found herself actually falling farther behind because she was wasting precious time updating contact information.

Kriste admits that, eventually, she resorted to keeping her contact lists and follow-up tasks in her head. 

She knew she needed a better system. And then she heard about First.

First looked like a unique opportunity to quickly consolidate and update her database, while keeping her in flow with likely sellers in her network. She decided to give it a try.

After only a few months of using First, she has won several listings and has been able to keep in touch with her network faster than ever.

Listing predictions to prioritize outreach

Kristie knows a critical piece to her success is staying connected to her network as much as possible. 

That’s where First comes in. They not only organize her contact lists, but the First model scans her entire network to identify who is most likely to sell in the next 12 months. These recommendations and opportunities give Kristie the focus she needs to prioritize who she will connect with next.

“First has increased the number of times I’m touching my sphere that flows well into my life.” Kristie says the ease of the app has not only helped her connect more, but its ability to remind her to stay in touch with someone is one of her favorite parts.

Filling in cracks that people could slip through

Agents connect with dozens of people on a daily basis. Keeping scattered notes, trying to remember next steps, or worse, forgetting to follow-up with a potential seller 😱, can make you feel disorganized and wondering if there’s a better way. 

Kristie relies on her First app to do the remembering for her. “Viewing First as my built-in ‘Accountability Partner’ keeps me on track of my network and follow-ups so no one slips through the cracks.”

After Kristie meets with someone she simply pulls out her phone and quickly sets a follow-up task directly in the app. It will even send her notifications whenever it’s time to check in with that person again.

With each goal and reminder she completes, Kristie knows that with just a quick time investment, she’s making progress to meet her own business goals. “It’s so easy to just pick up my phone and open the app during short breaks throughout the day and accomplish a few of my weekly goals.”

Checking her database in dull moments

“I didn’t want to try another thing that sucks up my time and is hard to log in to,” said Kristie. Using First, she could access her entire database right on her phone, making it easy to access and check without disrupting her day-to-day.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook aimlessly, Kristie says she just opens the First app and spends her time keeping up with her network that way. “I use the First app like I do Facebook or other social media platforms. It’s now part of my daily rotation of apps that I check to stay connected.”

She even treats First like a fun game. Between clients or while waiting for people at open houses, Kristie sees how many properties she can verify or contacts she can connect with. “Completing these daily bite-sized goals make me feel successful knowing I did more to improve my database and my connections.” 

Tracking missed listings to win more next time

A unique feature of First is sending alerts anytime someone in their network lists their house, whether or not it was with them. It can be painful to find out that someone you know listed with another agent. 

Kristie uses those missed opportunities to change and improve her strategy for winning more business. “As soon as I received my first “Missed Listing” email, I contacted some of the sellers in my network and set up a time to meet for lunch. I wanted to find out what I could have done to win their business.”

As a successful agent, Kristie knows that there’s always room for improvement and using First allows her to keep up with her network, before and even after they list. 

This growth mindset keeps Kristie on top of her game and ready to win the next one.

Finally, a solution to manage your network

First helps you prioritize conversations to strengthen your relationships and grow your business.

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