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What Will You Do Differently in 2019?

Molly McKinley
December 19, 2018

1.Barbara Betts

The Betts Realty Group, Inc. Broker/ CEO

It’s not sexy! It won’t sell books (well maybe it will LOL), but when looking back and reflecting on 2018 what I realized is that we were not consistent in our lead generation activities. We have made a BIG GOAL in 2019 to not only increase our activities (I believe you will have to do double or triple the number of activities in this new market) but most importantly to do it consistently. I believe in a Personal Business Standard, what you know you need to accomplish every day, week and month to be successful. My goal this year is hit our personal business standard everyday!!  


2. Katie Lance

Katie Lance Consulting, CEO/Founder

What will we do differently? We are going to double down on who we serve and niche down even more to our talents and what we do. I think a lot of people are scared to truly niche down but when you get even more specific - that's when you can see enormous growth!


3. Kendyl Young

DIGGS, Owner/Broker

Be louder and clearer on what we do that's different and better. This, "nice girls don't toot their own horn" bit has got to GO.


4. Janine Perry 


I will have the entire year to 100% focus on engaging my database, friends and business connections through outlets like: hosting in-house educational workshops, creating video  content - Facebook Live & YouTube, sponsoring non-profit groups, and increasing my digital marketing reach and level of engagement. My goal is to become known as the boutique Lifestyle Realtor, matching buyers and sellers with a home that reflects their current lifestyle.


5. Joseph W. Rand

Author, Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters (2018)

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Rand Realty

What we will do differently in 2019 is try to enhance the services we provide to clients through our website and app.  We focus too much of our technology on shoppers rather than clients — our websites are geared toward generating leads, rather than providing a better service to our actual clients.  We’ve built an app we call RealtyMe, for example, to provide seamless updates on the market for our seller clients, and enhance their experience with us.  We’ll be looking for other opportunities to do that in 2019.


6. Erinn Nobel | Managing Broker

eXp Realty Washington State

I will continue focus and finetune in 2019. Not very sexy or sophisticated, but it's true! :D


7. Mark Slade

Keller Williams Midtown Direct Realty

Give my marketing budget a double level of scrutiny and look to leverage what works best to help build upon the largest increase in sales revenue I have ever put together 

                                    since building a team.


8. Nelene Gibbs

Gibbs Realty Group & Nelene Gibbs Real Estate, Principal Broker/Owner

I will find more balance.  Balance between work, family life and community service.  I have found it is important to work on being the best version of yourself that you can be so you can serve others.  If I can find balance  between work and personal life I will be a much better Broker to my agents and better mother and wife to my family.  I will  help my agents become the best in the business this year. 


9. Debra Trappen
Empowerment Consultant, Speaker, Author

Women's Council Entrepreneur of the Year

Top 20 Social Influencer on Swanepoel's SP200 List

                                       Fire Up!

A few key things I am doing differently this year:  repurposing hours of video (hiring a video editor for this), kicking off a Fire Up Your Moxie podcast series to highlight magnificent humans living their lives out loud, with purpose, and on their own terms (this will finally keep me focused and consistent there), and hiring an assistant (to wrangle me). :)


10. Alyssa Hellman

Compass South Counseling, Founder

Next year is the year of the process. We grew a lot this year and as new scenarios occurred, we learned a lot about what systems we needed in place that weren't as obvious when we were smaller. We've been tightening those up over the last few months and will continue along with that process in 2019.


11. Wendy Forsythe

HomeSmart, Chief Operating Officer

In 2019, I will start incorporating more video into my communications. Breaking through the noise and getting people's attention has become more and more challenging. A video email is more impactful then a text email. A video text is more impactful then a text message. Social marketing sites like Facebook and Instagram have given us amazing opportunities to share our messages using video. It is time to step up!


12. Sean Carpenter

Coldwell Banker King Thompson, Realtor

I will continue to focus on my 4H club efforts but I will seek to incorporate more voice to voice communication through the telephone to my SOI and targeted customers and clients. I think as text and social continues to become the default, having an old-fashioned conversation might seem novel at first but will be both refreshing and time efficient to get something done on a short phone call.

I also hope to continue to harness the power of video, both on the social networks through stories and Facebook LIVE and IGTV but also through YouTube content.

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