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What to Say When You Have No Idea What to Say

August 16, 2019

A script for breaking the ice when you are out of touch.

When you sync your phone and email contacts to First, you’ll probably be prompted to reach out to people that might not have otherwise been on your radar - people you know you have met in the past, but have fallen through the cracks.

It can be hard to break the ice with these kinds of contacts, but the best approach is to be direct and honest. 

(Note: That does NOT mean telling them you just got an app that told you they were likely to sell 😉)

Instead, try something like this:

“I am calling because I came across your name when I was doing some work on my database and I remembered how much I enjoyed meeting you at X. I can’t believe how long it’s been! One of my goals this year is to be more intentional about spending time with people I have enjoyed meeting in the past - and you are one of them! I’d love to catch up soon. Do you have time to meet up for lunch or coffee soon?” 

Once you have broken the ice, the most important thing is to follow through and follow up! If you only call once and they never hear from you again, of course it will seem disingenuous.

So, make sure to set a Next Step immediately after your conversation to move the relationship forward.

This script is a great general approach but the more personal and specific you can be, the better. And, all jokes aside, don’t bring up selling their house in the initial conversation. Just because someone is likely to sell, doesn’t mean they are likely to sell with you, unless they know, like, and trust you first. Start there. 

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