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William Huffman and His Team Uses These 7 Steps to Power their "Power Hour"

Molly McKinley
December 7, 2018

In our previous story, Make the Call. It *Actually* Works Part 1,  we shared how William Huffman and his Minnesota based team, A Good Life Group, are doubling their business by picking up the phone. In Part 2 of their story, we define the steps they take in each “power hour.”

Step 1

It all starts with leveraging First data. Each month, they pull the smart recommendations and create a conversation list.

Step 2

Check the people in the conversation list in their CRM. What notes do they have on this person? Are they a past client? How do they know them?

Step 3

Cross reference the associated property address in the MLS. Not the correct address? No sweat. Huffman clicks on the tax records to determine who the owner is. If the associated property is connected to a renter, and he’s found the owner information in the tax records, he adds BOTH of these people to his call list. Why?

“You have an address, somebody lives there, they're just not the owner. Now you have two people to target. To the homeowner--Hey, you have a rental property, are you sick of being a landlord? And to the renter--Hey, you live in a rental. Are you sick of being a renter? It's a two for one.”

Step 4

Add any new information found to your CRM, spreadsheet or manage directly in First.

PRO TIP: Don’t have a phone number? No problem. Huffman and his team double check with

Step 5

Armed with information, his team is ready to reach out. And even though this once cold call was on ice, he’s able to warm it up and is empowered by data.

Step 6

Schedule the meeting! Huffman knows how important every single conversation is. “So there's no pressure for anyone. My agents are just going to have a good time and get to know somebody. It's all about relationships and First really understands this and helps us prioritize the connection. The goal is to be more than just some agent.  Provide value, become a familiar face, earn their respect, and they’ll eventually want to work with you.”

Step 7

Track your progress. Huffman states, “In that power hour we might only make six to twelve phone calls and schedule a handful of meetings. But we’ve just updated our database significantly with full information for six to twelve people. If we do this every week, we will add 40-50 complete contacts. If everyone on our team did ten a week, that's 80 a week, 320 a month, 3,800 contacts a year of current information. I'll take that.”

And that’s how you manage your network. You can’t make a connection if you don’t stay current.

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