Marci James' Relationship Marketing Hacks

Marci James
November 7, 2018

1. Today’s marketing is all about personalization, and that means you absolutely must segment your audience and customize your content for each segment. Your segments could be based on many different criteria, but I would suggest either geographic location/neighborhood or homeownership life cycle. Create multiple email newsletters and each segment would receive the one that is personalized for them.

2. Use social media to establish and strengthen relationships. Your sphere and prospects are overwhelmed with noise and lackluster content on Social Media. No need to add to it!  Instead of simply pushing content, get out there and engage on THEIR content. Leave meaningful and helpful comments and messages.

3. Use more good old-fashioned personal communication. Send a handwritten note, drop off a basket of homemade cookies, email them a personal message (you can include a piece if content would be highly relevant to them), send them a text message of congratulations for their birthdays, invite them to coffee, etc.

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