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Dana Allen
July 25, 2017

Success in real estate is simple: whoever has the most friends wins. So, if you want to win more listings, you need to meet more people and build better relationships than your competition. But these days, some agents spend more time behind a computer screen than they do with people, even though less than 5% of home sellers find their agent online.

Prioritizing 1:1 time is key to building a sustainable listing pipeline. That's why agents use First to connect with likely sellers in their network months before they put their home on the market. At First, every tool we build for agents is designed to make it easy for you to cultivate the right relationships at the right time.

As part of our mission to empower agents to work relationally, we recently released Map View: You can now see all your contacts plotted out on an interactive map, and even get a street view preview of their home, along with their estimated home value and, most importantly, their Seller Score.

With one click you can pull up the address in Google Maps and check out the property details and surrounding neighborhood.

​​​​​​​Viewing your contacts in relation to one another on a map has tons of potential to help you optimize your outreach. But most importantly, seeing your contacts and the homes they live in reminds us that each entry on our contact lists represents a unique person, home, and situation. 

In order to help you get the most from this new feature, I've outlined just a few ways top agents are using Map View.

Here are a few ways you can use Map View in First to supercharge your seller outreach:

Whenever you head out to a listing appointment, pull up the map and see if any of your contacts live nearby. If you see any past clients or personal contacts, grab a couple bottles of wine or some treats at a local bakery and drop by their house after your appointment to deliver them.

Schedule some face time with your most likely sellers by using Google Maps to find a place of interest near their home that they might enjoy. Is there a restaurant that opened up recently where you could grab lunch? A dog park where you could meet up for a puppy play date? A brewery where you could do a tasting tour? Pick a place that’s unique to their interests, and conveniently located near their home.

Supercharge the efficiency of your door knocking campaigns by creating an audience of your farmed contacts and seeing where the highest concentration of likely sellers live. Instead of hitting up every house in the neighborhood, focus on your best opportunities so you can spend more time having impactful conversations with people who are 2-5x more likely to be interested in your service.

Ditch the drudgery of the drip campaign and connect to old leads with high Seller Scores by sharing information that is specific to their home or neighborhood. First appends properties for all your scored contacts, even if all you had was an email address, so you can use Google Maps to get a feel for their situation. Leverage your local expertise - maybe homes with pools are selling faster than average, or they are in a desirable school district, or a house down the street sold for $10k above asking price - whatever it is, craft a thoughtful, personal email and see if it catches their interest.

These are just a few ways you can leverage the new map view to make the most of your database. But really, it’s about how you like to work and what makes sense to you. Whether you have a super strong sphere or years of cold leads you’d like to reignite, the more personal you can be, the better.

We are always working to provide you with the resources you need and the tools you want to do effective, targeted outreach within your network so you never miss another deal from your database again. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new map view, play around a little, and let us know what you think! We believe agents are essential to real estate, and that goes for real estate tech too, so your feedback is really important to us.

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