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Kendyl Young's Conversation Reward

Molly McKinley
December 5, 2018

There is nothing more gratifying than receiving positive feedback from First customers. We received this great story from Kendyl Young, broker/owner at DIGGS in Glendale, California. It’s a wonderful reminder to reach out and make a connection. We hope you find this as inspirational as we do.

“So, the first playdate (that’s what she calls her coffee meetings) I went on based on First’s  smart recommendations, turned into a listing,” said Kendyl Young.

“I had sold the matriarch Marcela Koll's home 7 or 8 years ago. Her daughter, Kathy Smither was the central point person even though Marcela was still very much alive and present! I had not talked to Kathy after the close of Marcela's home. Like most brokers, I got busy and did not stay in touch the way I know I should.”

Young did not know what to expect when she set out for the day. “When I arrived at the playdate, it went better than I could have hoped for. Kathy and I picked up where we left off and laughed and laughed. It was lovely and the subject of referrals never came up,” said Young.

Even though she left the meeting without immediate business, she knew the value of making the connection. However, the next day, Kathy followed up and asked Kendyl to call her son. He was in the process of getting ready to sell and had interviewed four other agents. When she mentioned our time together, he wanted to meet.

And how did that meeting go? “We hit it off and he and his wife signed the listing agreement on the spot,” said Young. The attached picture is their celebration after close.... three generations of a family she was happy to serve! It all started with a simple conversation, or playdate, as Kendyl would call it.

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