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Katie Clancy’s Gratitude Campaign To Stay Connected

Molly McKinley
November 21, 2018

How does Katie Clancy, realtor/ influencer/relationship marketing expert, and CEO of The Cape House Team, create meaningful moments?

She’s purposeful and has created a system to say thanks and stay connected with her network. There is nothing random about this outreach. In fact, she even maintains a chart throughout the year so she doesn’t forget anyone. Every November, she reaches out to all the people who have touched her business. Katie calls it her “Gratitude Campaign” and outlines how you can do the same for your network.

Step 1

Segment your network into past clients, vendors, co-brokers, and anyone else who has loved and supported your business over the last year.

Step 2

Past clients get personalized handwritten notes, whether they were buyers or sellers. Katie spends weeks writing these notes. Even though it takes a lot of time, she knows the effort and delivery of a heartfelt message goes beyond the words on the page.

Step 3

For vendors and co-brokers, she sends personalized BombBomb videos. Katie says this group is comprised of “anyone I beg for those last minute water readings, late signatures, and all the tiny favors that often go unnoticed.” She also hand delivers pumpkins tied sweetly with her business card. These pumpkins sit on desks in offices all over town. “If I'm at the orthodontist, or the doctor, I give the pumpkins to everyone, everywhere,” Katie says. 

Step 4

Next, Katie writes notes to the people who saw her, believed in her, and cheered her on. This group includes her family, friends, team, and manager. They've all touched her business, too. This is an often forgotten step and may be the most important of all since this group fuels and motivates her to keep pushing.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to say, “Thank you, I’m grateful for our connection.” Many people do not send Thanksgiving notes so it’s a way to stand out from the pack. Every day is a good day to send thanks, but being intentional with the effort makes it a best business practice, too.

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