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Introducing: First's New Property Verification Flow

Dov Cohn
March 6, 2019

If you’re like most people, you’re lucky to remember the name of someone you just met, let alone all those important personal details. Sometimes we might snag a phone number or capture an email, but rarely do we ask a new acquaintance for their property address. As a result, our personal database is far from complete, often missing the most important piece for agents: someone’s address. In fact, less than 10% of the contacts agents add to First include an address.

This is where First’s approach is unlike any other. We use the emails and phone numbers you provide to find associated property addresses for your contacts and add them to your database. On average, First adds over 1,000 addresses to each  user’s database.

As our sources fill in address details, they occasionally provide a previous address, work address or even an associated address, such as second home, rental or family member’s property. However, knowing where someone currently lives is essential to know how you can best serve them.

So we made it easier to manage the property data in your network. Our new Property Verification workflow enables you to confirm ownership (past or present) and track renters to keep your Seller Scores as accurate as possible. Simply select whether the property we added is owned, rented, an investment, or other. Once you’ve verified an owner-occupied address, you can be confident that the Seller Score for that contact is correct, and that you’ll receive listing activity alerts for them in the future.

And guess what? Every time you meet someone new and get their phone number or exchange emails, we’ll automatically start looking for any associated addresses and add those to your database as well, along with  a Seller Score if it exists. You’ll get a roundup of these new contacts every week so you can make an informed decision on when to set a Next Step for follow up, and what to say when you do.

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