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First Predicted Her Next Move Before She Did

Seller Stories
January 15, 2018

This Seller Story is from Molly, a professional who lives in North Carolina with her spouse and three children.

We’d been looking at properties and dreaming about literally “buying the farm,” for years. But nothing seemed right. We finally decided that right now just wasn’t the right time.

That’s why I chuckled when Mike Schneider, co-founder at First, told me that I had popped up on his list as someone likely to sell soon.

I gently suggested he add building permits to First’s data set. We had just finished a major upgrade in our home’s attic space and it was pretty clear we weren’t selling. Our jobs were on track. We weren’t selling. The kids were settled with school and sports teams. We weren’t selling.

Then, in what felt like a punch in the gut (just ask my neighbors), we got news about significant changes to our neighborhood as part of a proposed county-wide school reassignment plan. If approved, my three kids were on track to be split up between three schools, in various parts of town and on different school calendars.

This prompted a conversation with a local real estate agent. Now, I didn’t have a relationship with her already. And, I already had relationships with several other agents. This agent just happened to have started a dialogue with me about how the proposed school changes could impact my area. She thoughtfully inserted herself into our emotional conversations about recent renovations, wanting to stay close to our loved neighbors, and the unknowns around school assignments for our three kids.

That’s when it happened.

We found the farm we’d been looking for for years. I called her and she simply said, “Meet me there in 20 minutes.”

And, just like that… I discovered what First had predicted eight weeks earlier: I was someone likely to sell.

First knew, even before I did.

Looking back on this, I learned several lessons from my own story.

Lesson 1: First Was Right

First’s proven data science put me on Mike’s list. Behind the scenes, factors were starting to align that made me worthy of a call, a cup of coffee or a visit from a Realtor®, especially one who was plugged into the changes affecting my specific neighborhood.

Essentially, when First says jump, it’s time to get wet.

The prioritized monthly lists from First can serve as action items for agents who believe building relationships will help them win listings.

Lesson 2: Local Expertise Matters

After this whirlwind experience, the phrase “buy local” took on a new meaning.

As I said, I probably know 50 real estate agents personally. I chose the professional who was educated on my proposed school reassignment, understood my town’s traffic patterns, knew my goals for both space and community, and understood why I was torn about leaving my neighbors (and my less than five minute walk to a library).

We put our faith in a trusted advisor who really is a local expert.

Lesson 3: Relationships Count

First gives agents a way to prioritize which relationships they need to be nurturing right now. This empowers them to be part of conversations at the edge of opportunity, not on the backside or maybe not at all.

Like I said, we were all set to stay put. Our agent re-engaged with us over a possible change in schools. By re-connecting and keeping us in-the-know about the things that would impact our day-to-day, she was top of mind when an expected property fell into our lap.

I was surprised when I discovered I was likely to sell. Mike wasn't.

First's data science was right. I really was likely to sell. First knew the time was right and that I was primed for an agent to nurture a valued relationship. Thankfully, one agent knew it, too.

Now, I’m off to buy the farm.

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