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First Doesn't Work. Or Does It?

Molly McKinley
February 21, 2019

First year agent, Kathy Sloan of West + Main in Denver, Colorado, learned about during an online office demo. As she listened about the offering, FOMO kicked in and she knew she had to find the extra budget to prioritize her people. Kathy inherently understood the value of big data and wanted access to the same information that big companies use to predict customer behavior. She immediately knew First would give her that competitive edge she desperately needed to grow her real estate business.

But, success wasn’t immediate. Kathy did the work to clean up her spreadsheet, she combed through her clients and flipped through the cards in the First app. She thought the experience was interesting but wasn’t worth her time. This point was validated when First recommended her brother-in-law as likely to sell. “That’s when I called to cancel,” said Sloan. I thought to myself, “this is stupid, this information is all wrong. They just bought their house, there is no way they are planning to sell.”

Or were they?

So she asked. And you would never believe what her brother-in-law said. He was in fact planning to sell because he wanted to remove his PMI and was feeling trapped in his current mortgage situation. Never in a million years would Kathy have been able to predict this situation. Kathy knew how to handle it and sprung into action. She knew she could help him better understand his options and introduced him to her lending partner who was able to talk through all the implications of a refinance. He was able to find a solution that kept him and his family comfortably in their home.

So why is this a success story? Kathy wasn’t sure she liked the First app, the seller didn’t move in the end. It’s a success because it validates the accuracy of the First seller score algorithm. Time and time again, we hear these stories but agents miss the opportunity to serve their network because they don’t trust the information. First knows that if you make the call, if you reach out to the people we recommend, you will not only win more business, you will better serve your clients, at the exact moment they need you most.

And whatever happened with Kathy’s First subscription? Well, she didn’t end up canceling. She’s calling her people with the competitive edge she was looking for.

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