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Introducing a New, Easier Way to Win More Business from Your Network

July 23, 2019

It’s been true, for so long, that saying it almost seems silly.

The best real estate professionals don’t just know it, they live it.

Every trainer, sales manager, coach, mentor or guru preaches it.

Real estate is a relationship business.

We're told the "R" in CRM stands for "relationships," but judging from the headlines on virtually every real estate CRM's website, you'd be forgiven for thinking these tools are actually designed for managing something else: leads.

Lead management is important. Especially for agents focused on buyers. But, relationships are more important.

Somehow real estate technology seems to have lost sight of the fact that nearly all real estate transactions are won through relationships, not leads. Great agents know this. They are people people. They develop acquaintances, chat with the neighbors, keep track of contacts and never miss an opportunity to cultivate a new relationship.

Over time, this becomes something valuable and unique: a personal sphere or network.

But, as your business grows, your workload grows. You can handoff transaction management, staging, even lead conversion. You can't hand off your relationships.

And when you know hundreds of people who you should be meeting with this week, it gets overwhelming. You lose track of past clients. You forget to follow up with new connections. And you start to see the signs.

At your daughter's friend's house. In the yard of the house you helped them buy three years ago. On your neighbor's lawn…

People you know, people you work with, people who trust you are listing their homes with other agents.

At First, we've been helping agents solve this problem for years. We started by building A.I. that can predict how likely homeowners are to sell. Instead of using this data to sell lists, we built technology to connect our insights to your relationships.

Today we're introducing a new way to help you manage your follow up and the relationships you know you need to prioritize.  We've also made it possible, for the first time, for you to measure how effective you are at winning business from the people you know.

Spend less time hunting for business, and more time building it

Your relationships are now organized by:

  1. How likely each person is to sell their home in the next 3-6 months
  2. Your connection with that contact right now

No matter how successful you've been over the past few years or the past few decades, successful real estate agents know you need to earn your business every day.

You earn that business by creating connections, starting conversations, and getting in flow with people.

On the home tab you'll see your Starred contacts at the top of your new Funnel.

Starred contacts includes anyone identified as more likely than average to sell their home.

Right underneath Starred contacts, you'll find your new In-Flow list. Larry Kendall writes, "Flow is the lifeblood and the oxygen of your relationships." And every successful agent knows that relationships are the lifeblood and oxygen of your business.

We created Seller Stars to help you prioritize likely sellers. We've added an In-Flow list to help you organize the relationships you're creating flow with right now.

Don't let the next opportunity slip away

Remembering who to follow up with and when is hard.

That's why we’ll send you regular outreach reminders for anyone that you save to your In-Flow list. We'll make sure they don’t fall through the cracks and help you stay consistent.

When you confirm that someone is selling soon or win a new client, you can add them to your new Hot List.

We designed the Hot List to be used for your highest priority contacts.

You will be reminded often to stay top of mind with these people. Keeping you in touch with your highest value connections, even as you get busy.

A true advantage in today’s competitive market.

Get a new perspective on your network

First is also launching a new MLS integration that will enable you to see all the listings and transactions you've won – and missed – all in one place.

By easily integrating your MLS, you'll  have direct insight on how efficient you are at winning listings from your network.

Get Started

With the Funnel you are now equipped to manage your pipeline more easily than ever and improve your efficiency by getting in flow with the right people at the right time.

And, moving forward, First will give you new insight into how many deals you are winning and missing across your personal network.

Feel the power of using A.I. to increase the ROI of your outreach and time.  

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