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3 tips for when you find yourself saying: “Umm… I have no idea who this person is…”

June 12, 2019

If you are just getting started with First, simply swipe left on people you don’t recognize. After you have reached out to most of the likely sellers you do know, you may want to spend a little time researching your relationships with the likely sellers you don’t know.

Try these 3 tips to tap into the potential of those unfamiliar contacts:

1. Search the Import Source: The best way to trace the thread back to the original point of contact is by checking the import source. Find the import source under the name on a contact card, then search that import source for their name. For example, if the import source was your Gmail, you would search your Gmail inbox for their name to see if there was any conversation history.

2. Check Their Address: Seeing where someone lives may help you remember how you originally met, like a past client you helped buy over a decade ago, or the parent of your kid’s schoolmate. Find the associated property address for any contact by clicking into the contact detail page and scrolling down past Next Steps and Notes.

3. Look at Their Social Media Pages: Social media can provide helpful context clues as to how you might know someone. Click the Social icon on the contact card to see which profiles First was able to find. Check to see if you have any mutual friends or shared interests.

If after these steps you still don’t know who they are or feel comfortable reaching out, you should probably hide them 😉.

Remember, First is a system for building and maintaining relationships in your personal network, so with each contact, you have a decision: remove or reconnect. If you do this consistently over time, you will have a database that truly represents your best opportunities.

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