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First is removing my stress. All the new tech can be overwhelming, but I trust the intelligent recommendations to focus my time on the people I need to connect with today.

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Erinn Nobel

Get Organized

Easy to Use Mobile App

You’re always on the move, and as a mobile app, First is always there with you. Whether it’s getting set for the day during your morning coffee, or while waiting in the school pickup line, the First app helps you stay in the flow with your most valuable contacts.

Contact Cleanup

Don’t worry about formatting, removing Realtors, or otherwise cleaning up your various contact lists--Sync your contacts, and our systems will make quick work of cleanup, leaving you with one set of data to operate from.

Additional Properties and Social Profiles

We check your contacts against several third-party validation sources and enrich your contacts with additional property information and social profile links so you have a more complete picture of your network in one place.

Focus on what matters

Seller Scores

Our machine learning algorithms analyze over 700 data points about the contact and the property and assign a Seller Score, giving you the early heads up on who is more likely to list in the next 12 months so you can prioritize your outreach.

Smart Recommendations

Get ahead of the curve with smart data-driven recommendations. Stay on top of new listings, likely sellers, past clients, and other reasons to reach out to high-potential clients.

Connect Quickly

First workflow is about helping you focus and stay in touch with those likely sellers easily. Click to call or text, directly from the app to connect.

Stay on track

Plan your Next Steps

We know you are busy and that follow up isn’t always easy. Use First to easily set a next step with just a few keystrokes.

Automatic Reminders

We’ll make sure you don’t forget to follow up when the time is right with a timely reminder delivered right to your phone.

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