Focus your time and energy

The more people in your network, the more difficult it is to stay in touch. Our data-driven solution reveals the most important people to connect with so you can be more consistent about managing your relationships.

Last year we got 3 extra deals by leveraging the First data. So far this year, we’ve gotten at least $27,000 from meetings booked by the Scheduling Assistant alone!

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Brandon Doyle
Doyle Real Estate Team, RE/MAX Results

Connect with sellers

Our artificial intelligence solution, powered by over 700 data points, delivers a constant stream of up-to-date recommendations about potential opportunity in your network.

First is removing my stress. All the new tech can be overwhelming, but I trust the intelligent recommendations to focus my time on the people I need to connect with today.

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Erinn Nobel

We do it for you

We know your time is limited so we have a Scheduling Assistant to coordinate on your behalf.

There are tons of people that I love and really like. The Scheduling Assistant helps me get together with them. It’s perfect. It’s like this service was conceived just for me.

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Kendyl Young

Take the stress out of success

See how we help other real estate agents be more consistent about managing their networks.

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