We’re here to help good real estate pros work more efficiently, and with greater confidence

Real Estate
is a Relationship Business.

Great agents are people people. They develop acquaintances, chat with the neighbors, keep track of contacts and never miss an opportunity to expand their network.

Over time, this becomes something valuable and unique: a personal sphere or network.

We combine people and data science to help real estate professionals get more transactions from the relationships they’ve built and avoid the pain of missing opportunities in their personal sphere.

How we do that is both magical and simple. We analyze an agent’s network - the contact list, the database, the social connections - using complex data science that identifies the people most likely to sell in the next six to twelve months. Because we’re analyzing over 700 factors on 215 million people across 100 million households, we can often suggest ways to follow up most effectively. It’s like donning infrared goggles on a pitch-dark night. The technology reveals.

This is mind-bendingly complex stuff developed by our team of technologists. But our clients don’t see the complexity, they see the results: more business.

We started in 2016, and moved very carefully. We had to get it right. Because what we do is not primarily about software, or about data. It’s about helping good real estate professionals work more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Today, we can say with confidence that our technology works. Big time. Our clients win more listings from their network. They know who in their network to reach out to, when. They’re ten steps ahead of the competition. They stop seeing some other agent’s sign pop up in front of their contact’s home.

They spend a lot less time chasing online leads, and a lot less money on “spray and pray” marketing. They take less time hunting for business, and more time building it.

It’s a smarter way to work and a better way to live.

Welcome to First.

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Meet the Team

We’re bringing together the best in data science, product development and customer success to build the future of real estate.

Data Science & Engineering

Andrew Born
VP Ops & Finance
Jeremy Coleman
Data Platform Engineer
Caitlin Coons
Operations Assistant
David Cullen
Product Manager - Success
Andy Hamilton
Director of Design
Jason Humphries
Product Manager - Growth
Monte Johnston
Software Engineer
Ziyue Li
Data Scientist
Ben Makuh
Front End Engineer
Jess Martin
Swanand Pagnis
Principal Engineer
Glenn Vanderburg
VP of Engineering

Customer Growth & Success

Dana Allen
Sales Executive
Melissa Anderson
Operations Associate
John Batchelor
Sales Executive
Sam Bedford
Sales Executive
Jeff Dowell
Director of Sales
Andy Erskine
Sales Executive
Garry Lyon
Customer Support
Joel McLean
Marketing Manager
Katie Moore
Customer Success
Odofoley Oquaye
Customer Success
Heather Russell
Sales Development Manager
Jessica Russell
Director of People Operations
Mike Schneider